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Managing patients with diabetes and hypercholesterolemia

Understand how nurses specialized in diabetes Care manage patients with diabetes and hypercholesterolemia.

Lipid Fighter Survey

Lipid Fighter is a game based learning solutions for patients with high levels of bad cholesterol.

Connecting Nurses Flashcards Online Survey

The Icebreaker Flashcards are a set of cards that could enable people living with conditions to have a more active role in discussions with their HCP and take a step towards increased self-management. The cards could also facilitate discussion around embarrassing, stigmatized or ignored issues, helping people guide HCPs to topic that matter most to them.





TINY Health is a specialised children’s health publisher, improving how children and their families are communicated with about their health.

One of the latest booklet talks about vaccination to help school age children to understand vaccines.
This booklet looks at how vaccines were discovered, how our bodies fight infection, and how vaccines help them to do so. It also explores what happens on the day that the vaccination nurse comes to school, or when a child visits a medical clinic to receive a vaccine.

Download the booklet and share it with your tiny patients and their families to create conversation and trust around vaccines.
There are two versions of the booklet :
1. For children who are vaccinated in the school setting.
2. For children who are vaccinated in a medical setting.
The vaccine booklet is available in English, French and Spanish.

Click here to download your version:


Take part to the Flu Vaccination and Diabetes Campaign Now
Persons with diabetes can contract influenza-related symptoms from individuals who have not been vaccinated. Watch this video and click on this link to learn more


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Disease Knowledge

My health passport

My Health PassportSuccessfully launched at ICN congress in Barcelona June 2017(Spain) ā€œMy health passportā€ was created for people who have a history of heart problems that may be related to elevated levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and helps open discussion with your HCP for better self-management of bad cholesterol.

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