Nurses, midwives : discover a new guide published by Millennia 2025 to facilitate discussions related to the influenza vaccine

For Nurses and Midwives, it is important to know how to talk about vaccination: what to say, how to answer questions about Flu, where to find websites and material to share with people and patients, how and when to leverage social media.
Discover the new guide published by Millennia 2025 here


“Discover videos in English and Spanish to help educate Healthcare Professionals and Patients about the coronavirus. They have been produced by Mytonomy, a software and content company serving health systems”


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My health passport

My Health PassportSuccessfully launched at ICN congress in Barcelona June 2017(Spain) “My health passport” was created for people who have a history of heart problems that may be related to elevated levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and helps open discussion with your HCP for better self-management of bad cholesterol.

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