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Take Down Cholesterol

Take Down Cholesterol is a website delivering resources, information, advices and testimonies from patients with high cholesterol.

Learn more about cholesterol and specially on high cholesterol, its causes and effects on heart and vascular disease.

Explore the topics and find out more about what it means to have high LDL cholesterol, how it affects your health, and the importance of working with a healthcare provider to help reach your LDL-C goals.

Watch the videos and get great advice from a group of experts and start setting your sights on achieving your cholesterol health goals.

Take down cholesterol aims at delivering information in the way that works best for each patient according to their current level of knowledge and way of learning.

The first section is dedicated at providing information about the different kind of cholesterol, causes and the changes in lifestyle that can lower cholesterol levels. It explains the link between cholesterol and heart disease and provide information on how to understand cholesterol levels.

Take down cholesterol is also the home of the documentary movie “Heart Felt” directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade. Heart Felt gives a human face to cholesterol by capturing the stories of people across five different countries. Patients, caregivers, health practitioners and more are featured in the movie covering all the aspect around cholesterol with real testimonies.

A set of over 20 short videos (2-3 min) is also accessible to provide tips and education. Featuring healthcare professional as well as nutritionist each clip covers a different aspect of cholesterol or heart disease. From low cholesterol recipes to advices on how to talk to your healthcare professional everything is covered to burst cholesterol myth and provide accurate information in a condensed format.

Finally a free personalized plan, “My Plan” is hosted on take down cholesterol to help patient to adop the right lifestyle changes and give them information that is pertinent to them. A quick initial assessment will determine the level of education and topics that need to be covered. Based on a challenge/reward mechanism the My Plan program is the perfect tool for those that are more action focused.

This website is dedicated to US residents but other versions exist

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