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ArthMouv: An app for monitoring gonarthrosis

Does your patient suffer from arthrosis of the knee and would he like to monitor its development? Then ArthMouv is the app for him!

ArthMouv is a free, personal and interactive app. It has been developed by Sanofi and is available to patients suffering from arthrosis of the knee.
ArthMouv is intended to accompany the patient on a day-to-day basis, assessing his/her pain level, noting the circumstances surrounding pain onset and providing practical information about gonarthrosis and guidance through tailored physical exercises.
The app also facilitates communication between the patient and his/her doctor by offering the possibility of recording all of this information and sending it via email.
Finally, ArthMouv helps the patient manage his/her appointments, by enabling these to be recorded and reminder messages to be sent.

This app is currently available to download in Spain and France via the AppStore or Google Play. For more information in French. For more information in Spanish. Developments in other languages are being considered.


  • Project: Care Challenge
  • Project: Weobservatory

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