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Two projects receive promotional support!

We are happy to announce that the Connecting Nurses Reviewing Committee has recently highlighted two projects posted on Care Challenge in the General Nursing category. The projects are:

1. MàC, Menu à Choix by nurse Marie Seignobos from Switzerland

2. Reducing Social Isolation for Our Residents in Long Term Care via Skype, a Best Practice by nurse Lorraine B. La France from Canada

The authors of these projects have chosen a professionally produced video displaying their project as means of support from Connecting Nurses. “The video seems to be an excellent idea. It would allow nurses immediate access to how we started and applied the program and could be used by any center, virtually anywhere. In other words a video would reach more people and more people who are isolated could benefit from a better quality of life. It could be used by hospitals, long term care centers, communities, libraries, churches, schools, in homes etc. Anywhere that a nurse is involved” , says nurse Lorraine La France.

These two projects will now become the Connecting Nurses “Favorites”.

Watch the videos of previously highlighted projects in the Connecting Nurses video library .


  • Project: Care Challenge
  • Project: Weobservatory

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