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Take part to the Flu Vaccination and Diabetes Campaign Now

Persons with diabetes can contract influenza-related symptoms from individuals who have not been vaccinated.


Acute Coronary Syndrome Patient Activation Campaign – Talking Hearts

" 1 patient sur 5 subit une deuxième crise cardiaque en moins d'un an. Parler à un proche après une crise cardiaque peut réduire le risque d’un second événement. Votre soutien peut faire toute la différence. Aidez ceux qui sont touchés à votre manière en partageant des contenus sur les réseaux sociaux.


Did you know that your at-risk patients can contract influenza-related symptoms from individuals who have not been vaccinated?

Did you know that your at-risk patients can contract influenza-related symptoms from individuals who have not been vaccinated? And, that getting vaccinated is their best defense against influenza? The Influenza Diabetes Community is offering exclusive Healthcare Professional education to the Global Nursing Community.


American Association of Diabetes Educators conference

Poster presented by the Connecting Nurses Team (Donna Rice,RN and Lisa Egbuonu-Davis, MD) at AADE show that “Nurse delivered interventions resulted in improved outcomes for all methods of education delivery”.
Read more HERE


Heart Attack: Help your patients memorize the list of symptoms

"Heart Attack: Help your patients memorize the list of Heart Attack Symptoms and warning signs , with key contacts to keep into wallet in case of emergency"


Flu prevention strategies for people with diabetes

Flu vaccination of people living with diabetes is important : Join ESWI conference on flu prevention strategies for people living with diabetes.


Connecting Nurses at FEND Conference in Lisbon

Contribute to our survey "Managing Patients with Diabetes & Hypercholesterolemia" and the importance of Flu Vaccination for chronic patients.


International Nurses Day: Influenza Vaccination protects People living with Diabetes

International Nurses’ Day on May 12 pays tribute to the professionalism of nurses, and highlights the crucial role they play in improving standards of care across the globe.


How to help positively change patient behavior eating more healthily and enjoy a nice daily walk

« How to help positively change patient behavior eating more healthily and enjoy a nice daily walk: Lipid Fighter is a new game based learning solution for patients with high levels of bad cholesterol.


Connecting Nurses Patient-Centricity (sanofi) launch the French version of the IceBreaker Flashcards at AFDET Conference 2017

Connecting Nurses Patient-Centricity (sanofi) launch the French version of the IceBreaker Flashcards at AFDET Conference 2017 in Paris, France, to support patient self-confidence and guide their discussions with HCP about topics with matter.


Connecting Nurses celebrates International Diabetes Day with Australia

Connecting Nurses celebrates International Diabetes Day with Australia and presents Diabetes Care an integrated approach supporting people with diabetes


Connecting Nurses Patient-Centricity (sanofi) launch the IceBreaker Flashcards at FEND 2016

Connecting Nurses Patient-Centricity (sanofi) launch the IceBreaker Flashcards at FEND 2016 to support patient self-confidence and guide their discussions with HCP about topics with matter.


Heart Felt, the human face of cholesterol

“Heart Felt” gives a human face to cholesterol by capturing the stories of people across five different countries.


Take Down Cholesterol

Take Down Cholesterol is a website delivering resources, information, advices and testimonies from patients with high cholesterol.Learn more about cholesterol and specially on high cholesterol, its causes and effects on heart and vascular disease.


International Nurses Day: driving innovation through Patient Engagement

“Nurses, a force for change: improving health systems’ resilience.” If you haven’t heard, this is the theme wisely chosen by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) for the celebration of International Nurses Day 2016. The aim is to encourage nurses to strengthen health systems by making them aware that their daily practices and decisions have a strong influence on them, not only locally but also internationally.


NEW: Patient Empowerment conversation starter Icebreaker Flashcards co-created by patients and nurses.

Connecting Nurses presents a set of “ice breaker cards” that will enable people living with chronic conditions to have a more active role in discussions with their HCP and take a step towards increased self-management. The cards can also facilitate discussion around embarrassing, stigmatized or ignored issues, helping people guide HCPs to topics that matter most to them


The #CareChallenge Patient Empowerment Campaign is live!

The Connecting Nurses Care Challenge is a Sanofi Patient Centricity initiative that invites nurses from around the world to share ideas that improve the patient experience, empowering patients to take control of their treatment for better outcomes.


Connecting Nurses supports the “Patient Call to Action Campaign”

The campaign is a multi-channel approach aimed at people with diabetes who are currently on basal insulin treatment and may be experiencing blood sugar highs and lows.


Improve your knowledge about diabetes!

Connecting Nurses is offering a new way of learning about diabetes and reinforce your skills on this particular disease via the launch of the platform: “Diabetes connecting nurses”.


Connecting Nurses launches its 1st medical publication

Connecting Nurses is glad to announce its first medical journal article on patient empowerment written by healthcare professionals, members of our Steering Committee: Phyllis Zimmer & Felicity Kelliher.


Connecting Nurses presenting at SIDIIEF 2015

From the 31st of May to the 5th of June 2015, Connecting Nurses participated in the “6e congrès mondial des infirmières et infirmiers francophones 2015” in Montreal, Canada.


The International Nurse Perception survey results

Connecting Nurses celebrated International Nurses Day on May 12th. Take a look at the results of the International Nurse Perception survey - conducted in 13 countries - which was shared on the day.


Join us on International Nurses Day

To contribute ICN’s vision for the global celebration of nurses and distribution of information, Sanofi has conducted an international study around the perception of the role of nurses in healthcare. To reveal the results of the study, Connecting Nurses host a 24 hour digital event where guest speakers will discuss the results.



We will be returning to Med-e-Tel on the 22-24th of April for another year of breakthrough information around telemedicine and eHealth!


AFDET Congress: Let’s talk Patient Education

Today we join several therapeutic education experts in Paris for the annual meeting of the French Association for the Development of Therapeutic Education (AFDET).


Connecting Midwives launches its 2015 Awards

The Midwives for Life Awards 2015 have been launched! Midwives have until 31 March to post their project on Care Challenge and be eligible to be a 2015 prize winner.

24th AFEDI European Workshop

Thanks to all those who came to talk with us at the AFEDI European Workshop in Dijon, France, on 27 and 28/11/2014!


Salon infirmier 2014

Thanks to all those who came to visit our stand during the Salon Infirmier 2014 in Paris, France!


Call for innovation in vaccination

Post your nursing project in immunization now in the General Nursing category of Care Challenge, and it may be recognized on International Nurses Day in May 2015!


ArthMouv: An app for monitoring gonarthrosis

Does your patient suffer from arthrosis of the knee and would he like to monitor its development? Then ArthMouv is the app for him!


43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference


Care Challenge has been awarded!

We are very proud to announce that Care Challenge won the 2014 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT GOLD award! You can read about the award here. We thank our partners and all the nurses and midwives who participated to the project's success. Keep posting your innovative ideas in nursing and midwifery


Zero Mothers Die: Mobile Phones for Pregnant Women

Zero Mothers Die, a global initiative to reduce maternal mortality using mobile technologies, launched a crowdfunding campaign on September 22, 2014 during the Women Leaders Forum in New York. Help fund Zero Mothers Die campaign on Indiegogo and help spread the word!


Kids and Diabetes in Schools (KiDS)

The KiDS Project, which has been co-developed by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) and Sanofi Diabetes, aims to foster a supportive school environment that creates a better understanding of diabetes. It has launched information packs in several languages, offering information on diabetes management.


19th FEND Annual Conference


The WeObservatory has launched its blog!

Find, read and comment easily on the blog the latest articles and news related to women and ehealth. You can also get information about the Care Challenge projects selected by the WeObservatory and about the upcoming events.

Subscribe to the newsletter now to be informed of the latest news by email!


Discover The Monday Life!


Women Leaders Forum 2014

The WeObservatory and Zero Mothers Die will participate to the Women Leaders Forum 2014 in New York, USA, on 09/22/2014.


43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference


Connecting Nurses from Anne Beal's point of view

Come and see our new video in which Anne Beal, Chief Patient Officer at Sanofi, tells us more about the Connecting Nurses project and about the key role nurses play in a patient-centered approach. You can also find this video directly in the video library.


Two new videos of Favorites projects are now on line!

Discover the projects "MàC, Menu à Choix" (Choose your menu) of Marie Seignobos and "Skype for Veterans" of Lorraine La France and Claire Babin.


Workshop « Midwives For Life»: Sharing of experience & Ceremony of Awards on the 4th of June, 17.30-19.00, ICM Congress in Prague, Club B

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is pleased to invite you to a workshop to share and learn about the work of midwives from all over the world and participate to the Midwives For Life Awards Ceremony. To pre-book a place at the workshop, please fill in the online booking form: and select the session PW 31.


Celebrating International nurses day 2014

The international nurses day theme as set by the International Council of Nurses for 2014 is “Nurses: a force for change – A vital resource for health”.

Read more


MEDETEL: the eHealth and Telemedicine forum

From 09/04/2014 to 11/04/2014

The WeObservatory , the Women Observatory for eHealth, is organizing in partnership with Connecting Nurses a Special Session on Women ,“Women, eHealth and Telemedicine at all ages of life: from Birth to Old Age" , at the international Medetel forum on April 10th 2014 in Luxembourg .

Detailed program in English on the WeObservatory website.



We are happy to announce that the Connecting Nurses Reviewing Committee has recently highlighted two projects posted on Care Challenge in the General Nursing category.

Read more


2013 project selection by the WeObservatory

Connecting Nurses is delighted to announce that at the end of 2013 five Care Challenge projects were selected for a partnership with the WeObservatory. The selected projects benefit of the Millennia2015 network and regional communities to expand their activities and ensure the empowerment of nurses' capacities to use ICTs and telemedicine services.


Sanofi celebrates International Nurses Day

May 16, 2013

Sanofi recognizes the global nursing community as a key influencer in improving the management of chronic diseases.

To celebrate International Nurses Day (IND), Sanofi is conducting a roundtable discussion with senior Sanofi executives and nurse KOLs, to discuss the findings of their research into “the role of nurses in leadership”.


Back from the AFDET "Health &Education" Congress

To extend these two days, we invite you to visit our website under “CONGRESS 2013”.

You can view the oral communications and posters, plenary debate and symposia.

In the OUVRAGES Chapter, you can find the list of books on bookstore, with the opportunity to order on line.

Finally, a selection of photos will allow you to visualize these two days.

Next edition will take place on Thursday 13 and Friday, February 14, 2014 !


Congress in Patient Education, Paris February 7-8 2013

February 4, 2013

The next edition of the AFDET Congress in Patient Education will take place in Paris on February 7- 8 2013.

This Francophone Congress gives many experts the opportunity to share practice with nurses and HCP focused on Patient Education Programs.

Registrations are still open here (in French).


Connecting Nurses launches the new version of Care Challenge, post your projects!

September 15th, 2012

Our call for innovative projects is now open!

The mission of Connecting Nurses is to gather nurses together online and in the real world to share knowledge and innovations that will lead to advancing nursing practice and shaping healthcare through 2 projects: (1) CARE CHALLENGE – a nurse recognition program for nursing innovations and (2) INFORMATION SHAREAPY – a unique information-sharing platform.

Care Challenge

In 2011: The Care Challenge platform was launched along with an award program in order to reward the 20 most innovative projects.

NOW: From September 2012, the new version of Care Challenge is focusing on sharing knowledge about practice innovation within the nursing community.

You will be able to present your project(s), showcase your creativity and innovations on the Care Challenge platform and share your work with your colleagues worldwide. This year projects can be posted in one of the two sections below:

In the GENERAL NURSING section, you will be able to post projects related all diseases, e-health, chronic diseases except diabetes, etc.

In the CHRONIC DISEASES section, we are focusing on Diabetes for 2012-2013. You can post your project(s) on Diabetes Nursing during one year, starting in September 2012. In the following years, we will be highlighting other chronic diseases.

In each section, you can post your innovative project(s) related to:

  • Education
  • Practice
  • Research

Information Shareapy

In its pilot version, Information Shareapy is limited to a restricted panel.

It offers a unique online platform for nurses around the globe to share high quality, reputable links for patient care information.

The goals of Information Shareapy are to help you:

  • CONNECT with other nurses and healthcare professionals around the world
  • Be more effective and efficient in your interactions with patients
  • Keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of health information via the web

For any information, contact us at:


Connecting Nurses Celebrates Nursing Innovation Award Winners

May 21st, 2012

In the context of the global Connecting Nurses partnership, 20 most promising nursing innovation projects were awarded from over 100 projects submitted for the first nurse practice innovation award. Nurses from over 40 countries participated in the program. An independent committee made up of 7 nurses selected the 20 most promising initiatives based on the value they will bring to patients and nurses. These projects will receive Sanofi’s support and mentoring to bring them to life and benefit as many nurses and patients as possible. Two award categories were available for choice, “helping hand”, funding to help develop the project or “nurse in the limelight”, professional filming to showcase the project

These initiatives have been chosen because they can make a difference in the life of nurses as clinicians, educators, administrators, or researchers. They range from home care nursing, care for orphans with HIV in Africa, podcasts on disease awareness and telehealth programs for the elderly in Asia to programs on advanced nurse practice in Europe and projects to support pregnant teenagers in the U.S.  Each award winner will provide updates on the progress and results of the project to the network of nurses throughout the world.

We congratulate each award winner and look forward to sharing the progress report as we continue to support the work and development of nurses.

Nurses today are the backbone of most health care systems and they are highly trained to provide best possible care for their patients. To support nurses in their daily tasks and provide a forum of exchange, Sanofi iPCS launched the Connecting Nurses partnership together with four of the leading international nurse associations a year ago.

* Winners

Améliorer la prise en charge infirmière des stomies, plaies chroniques et brûlés au Togo

  • Vincent Kokou Kouami - Togo

Pod.RN (The Nurses' Podcast Project)

  • Alvin Cloyd Dakis - Philippines

Prenatal & Postparthum health center for At risk pregnant and parenting youth

  • Marilyn Wideman - United States

HIV Education and Support for Orphans and their Caretakers in Cameroon, Africa

  • Patty Hewson - United States

Vivre avec une maladie chronique : un soutien infirmier virtuel avec VIH-TAVIE

  • Jose Cote - Canada

Implication du travailleur dans la prise en charge de l’HTA et du diabète en milieu du travail

  • Youhoyère Josiane Koudou - Cote d’Ivoire

Lets save our mothers

  • Ibe Chinomnso Traffine - Nigeria

Implication de patients bénévoles avec IDE libérale dans le suivi éducatif des diabétiques

  • Micheline Quesnel-Deshayes - France

Mise en place d’un dispositif d’accompagnement infirmier des patientes lors de l’annonce du diagnost

  • Latifa Alahiane - Morocco

Home care nursing services

  • Ralueke Ekezie - Nigeria

Integrating Epilepsy Care in Ireland through Advanced Nurse Practice

  • Mark White - Ireland

Using Local Technology and Resources to Promote Infection Prevention in Banso Baptist Hospital

  • Nkwan Jacob Gobte - Cameroon

L’accompagnement infirmier (ère) des femmes ayant subi une mammectomie suite à un cancer du sein

  • Hicham Hilali - Morocco

Research-based community telehealth centers for sustainable elderly empowerment

  • Michael Joseph Dino - Philippines

Compassionate communication

  • Jacquie Brodie - United Kingdom

Proper reading can make life better – the importance of reading food labels

  • Mireia Artola Ramon - Spain

Self Care management in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • Miguel Padilha - Portugal

Le Programme de réduction des contentions physiques non pertinentes

  • Brigitte Galand - Canada

Méthode d'éducation sexuelle pour les adolescents ayant un TDAH

  • Rinda Hartner - Canada


  • Project: Care Challenge
  • Project: Weobservatory

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