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Favorites 2014

Teo the Duckling

  • logo cnuimage drapeauby Norma Grau
    Barcelona, Spain

Goal: To help children better cope with their diabetes thanks to an inspirational story about a duckling.

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Skype for Veterans

  • logo cnuimage drapeauLorraine La France & Claire Babin
    Montreal, Canada

Goal: Training elderly in long-term care to communicate with their families and loved ones via Skype

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Mac Menu à Choix

  • logo cnuimage drapeauby Marie Seignobos
    Geneve, Switzerland

Goal: Mac Menu à Choix uses images to inform patients with cognitive problems about dietary matters

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Intelligent insulin pen box

  • logo cnuimage drapeauby Zhao Lihua
    Nantong, China

Goal: The Intelligent Insulin Pen Box notifies patients with lights and an alarm to take their insulin.

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Gestational Diabetes Guide

  • logo cnuimage drapeauby Zoila Lifante Pedrola
    Murcia, Spain

Goal: A guide for blood glucose control and management in gestational diabetes.

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Core competence framework

  • logo cnuimage drapeauby Zhao Fang
    Beijing, China

Goal: To ensure that consistently high standards of care are provided in China.

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  • Project: Care Challenge
  • Project: Weobservatory

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