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Disease knowledge

Welcome to the disease knowledge & education page designed specifically to share educational materials globally for use by nurses alone, or with their patients.

Cardiovascular Diseases

  • My health passport

    Successfully launched at ICN congress in Barcelona June 2017(Spain) “My health passport” was created for people who have a history of heart problems that may be related to elevated levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and helps open discussion with your HCP for better self-management of bad cholesterol.

  • Heart Attack: Help your patients memorize the list of symptoms

    "Heart Attack: Help your patients memorize the list of Heart Attack Symptoms and warning signs , with key contacts to keep into wallet in case of emergency"

  • Take Down Cholesterol (Cholesterol Matters)

    Take Down Cholesterol (Cholesterol Matters) is a website delivering resources, information, advices and testimonies from patients with high cholesterol.

    Learn more about cholesterol and specially on high cholesterol, its causes and effects on heart and cardiovascular disease.

  • Heart UK

    Useful resources and materials on Cholesterol: HEART UK – The cholesterol charity website. HEART UK aims at providing support, guidance and education services to healthcare professionals and people and families with concerns about cholesterol.

  • PCNA

    Useful resources and materials on Cardiovascular disease: Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses association website (PCNA)

  • Heart Felt documentary

    Discover the family stories of Eddie, Geoff, Katrin and Cornelia, all having familial hypercholesterolemia and showing an admirable mindset towards the same common enemy: LDL cholesterol (LDL-C).

    Published on Take Down Cholesterol website, “Heart Felt” are short documentaries directed by Academy Award Winner Cynthia Wade and giving a human face to cholesterol. They capture the daily life of different people, showing their struggles, revealing their fears and telling true stories of courage


Nurse Practice & Education

  • Article on Nurses and Patient Education

    The article “Nurses and Patient Education” was written in December 2013 by Felicity Kelliher (registered nurse teacher, project manager, AFDET). Its purpose is to explore nurses’ roles in patient education, using a review of the literature.

  • StopInfluenza

    Useful resources and materials on Influenza: Stopinfluenza, a Sanofi Pasteur's website dedicated to HCPs that aims at increasing knowledge and vaccination rates against influenza.

Patient Nurse Dialogue

  • Test 3 questions from the 3 minutes Patient Empowerment Tool

    With 3 questions from the 3 minutes Empowerment Technique, you can reinforce patient confidence for better disease management

  • Ice Breaker FlashCards to talk about what matters

    Patient Empowerment conversation starter Icebreaker Flashcards co-created by patients and nurses.

  • Self Injection tools

    Download the Self-injection toolkit for nurses and patients here

  • Universal Nurses

    UniversalNurse Speaker is a new translation tool to facilitate multilingual healthcare communication between Nurses and Patients who don’t speak the same language.

Renal disease


  • Project: Care Challenge
  • Project: Weobservatory

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